Blender 2.5 test

Hi !

I decided to test new animation system in Blender 2.5. It permit myself to test and report bugs for this future version of Blender.

The only think I want to say : when you start to animate with blender 2.50, you can’t go back to 2.49 ! :slight_smile: it is so intuitive, so simple… and it is like in maya : everything is keyable !

Of course, I discover some bugs (reported in the bugs tracker of 2.50) and some function still missing.

Here is the video on youtube : (just a small run cycle).


That’s a nice little run cycle … good job!

I personally haven’t done much animating, but I am looking forward to delving into it with 2.50 …

i like it :smiley:

Nice! I really like it!

Keep us posted on any further tests you do!

Good! Nice cycle! And character seems to be fun to animate… Nice job at 2.50!