Blender 2.5 texture face panel?

Is it in there somewhere? To even start a game you need that thing…for alpha and such.

That panel has been dissolved and the settings have been scattered to different more fitting panels. Depending on what setting you need, you should find it somewhere in materials, textures or object panels.

Where exactly?

Well we can’t really answer exactly unless we know exactly what you want. What afalldorf is saying is that the panel has been removed, and the options scattered around to different panels.

Where are the halo, billboard, and text options or the different alpha blending options such as clip alpha. I am not sure that this is has been implemented yet, but I would like to know where it is if it has been done.

Just wanted to question again here. Do you know if this is implemented somewhere in die UI?
If I open 2.49 objects in 2.5 this settings do work. I just can’t set up them in 2.5

I am especially searching for the add function for texture faces. Does anyone know something?

In the newer SVN revisions, they’re all in one place (except for the copy feature)

To find it you need to set the renderer option at the top from Blender Render to Blender Game. This will replace most of the rendering options at least with the options that work in the Game Engine.

thanks alot ace dragon. :slight_smile: