blender 2.5 texture space


I use the same material on several objects, that have different dimensions. The scale of the procedural textures must be similar for each object. In blender 2.49 I would have tried to set the texture space to a similar size for each object. But I can not find this function in blender 2.5, maybe it is not yet implemented? (See:

Is there another possibility to achieve a similar material/texture-scaling (procedural textures) for objects of different sizes?

The objects are animated, so “global” or “object” settings seem to be no option, because the objects would slide under the static texture!?

Please help, this is my last issue before pressing the render button and hopefully holding the deadline.

Thank you in advance!

Perhaps try ctrl-A on each object before changing texture size, or mapping option …

i think you ahve all the vars we had in 2.49 look in texture panel mapping sub panel

you got offset scale ect,

i mean you should be able to re adjust theses to have same proprotions on different object size !

if not do it in 2.49 then import in 2.5


I solved the problem now by placing a the same cage of four loose vertices around the geometry of each object. That way the texturespace is identical for each object.

Not a nice but functional solution, but working as long as you are not forced to keep a totally clean mesh.