Blender 2.5 to 2.49

How do i change the interface to look and act a little more like the 2.49 one? I’m just more familiar with that one. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: How come all my stuff i’ve downloaded and saved and done for 2.49, the logic bricks and scripts screw up when i open them in 2.5. It is making me mad. Why can’t they make them compatible, if they do someone please help.

New Version has more features, but 249b has best user interface. There should be some new menu containing new features of 258 in 249b format. That would be great.

2.49 UI is a mess compared to 2.5. You’ll get used to it pretty fast. Though you can change colors in User Preferences and split windows. Horizontal properties (buttons) windows isn’t supported anymore.

BGE has gone, or still is going, through some major changes. Unfortunately this can break old files.

Thanks alot

For what it’s worth, I had the same transition problems. I originally tried to make 2.5 look & feel like 2.49b, but that was very problematic at the time, so I changed instead. Looking back at it it, it was for the best imo, the new layout makes better use of window space (monitors are wider then they are in height). Not saying what you should do, just saying I don’t think you’ll regret taking the time to adjust.

thank you…(Just to fill space)