Blender 2.5 to Irrlicht

I am trying to create a game character for my programmer but the problem is that blender 2.53 does not have all the export scripts that blender 4.9b has. So my question is short has any one been able to export animated models from blender 2.53 to Irrlicht if so please explain how. Irrlicht supports

  • B3D files (.b3d, skeleton)
  • Microsoft DirectX (.x,) (binary & text, skeleton)
  • Milkshape (.ms3d, skeleton)
  • Quake 3 models (.md3, morph)
  • Quake 2 models (.md2, morph)

So… If any one knows about a script that can do so please let me know:)

If you look through the add-ons I think there is a DirectX exporter.

Yes, I see it, thank you:D

DX10 huh? pretty nice

OK, so I know I am really pushing things now but does any one know of an md2 or md3 exporter?