Blender 2.5 to Maya 2011

Hey everybody, this is my second post to this forum and I could really use the help if someone can reply. I created an entire room filled with stuff in blender 2.5 and now I want to import it into Maya where I’m going to finish the project, but I have to be doing 8 or 10 things wrong here, because it either just comes up empty in maya or it says malformed mesh, which I have no idea what that means. It’s not malformed. I have no modifiers on it. I tried exporting just a couple objects and then just one and nothing works. I really need to get the file into Maya. Please help. Thanks.


What format are you trying to export ?
Have you tried another format.
Since 2.5 is still in development, you shouldn’t be relying on a particular function to necessarily work correctly. Blender 2.49 probably has more robust export options.

I’m using the fbx option. I guess I was concerned that the 2.49 stable version would be able to export to a newer version of maya. I’ve heard you can export using collada, but I have no clue what the extension for that is and maya can’t recognize that format as fas as I know.