blender 2.5 tour #9 part 1

hey all its time for another tour, now please read my blog post before downloading so i don’t have to repeat myself :slight_smile:

hope you all enjoy it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much mfoxdogg. Very great tour.
Keep it up.

Sorry to make you repeat your self, but where is the second part…???

brilliant tour mfoxdogg.

Sweet… looking forward to it…

+1. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I watched the talk by William Reynish setting out the proposal for the UI change. The amount of work that has gone on since then is pretty remarkable. Everything looks very clean and well laid out, the context sensitive panels are great, new users or users of other software can’t possibly continue the gripes about the pre 2.5 UI.

For myself, having used the software for a few years now it will probably take a couple of weeks to get used to all the changes, but the vast array of improvements make it an insignificant price to pay. The list on this tour alone is huge, tool enhancements, realtime previews, the ability to work through renders and sims. It seems the development team have pulled out all of the stops.

At times there Mrfoxdogg you sound like a child who has gotten everything he asked for at Christmas and from watching that tour I understand how you feel.

awesome! i am looking forward to the second part. :slight_smile:

hmmm… poinst to ponder regarding with the whole contextual/modal interface.

eg. with the making the render choice modal… what if I want to render with the game engine and the software render… at the same time? Why should one disable the other?

Now we have to change renderer in order to setup the settings… hmmm. While it’s awesome to have tab showing all the game info… I guess other apps do it like this… but they don’t restrict the launching of an engine in the viewport if you have a software renderer enabled… fist time I prefer the old blender way. I guess I not keen on the whole either or idea… when in the past we’ve had both.

Yes, they are both renders… but one is a hardware renderer and the other is a software renderer… you shouldn’t be forced to use one or the other just to tweak the settings surely? Maybe have a hardware and software render sub-type… if you want to get super modal about it.

People often software render game objects using the same models and maps etc. Also when you are using the game engine… hoping in and out… then modelling some more… then you want to bake a light map or normal map… then I have to turn on the software render… render… go back the game engine renderer turn that on… do a double back flip, set some clowns on fire :wink:

Another interesting point about not having lights come up… what happens when the you can eventually use objects to cast light? What about the light properties of objects are these all handled in the material? I guess materials and light casting properties overlap a bit. GI is a goal of Durian isn’t?

Also the whole setting faces to smooth and hard not being a property but a tool… well the action it performs on the vertex shading is like a tool… but surely it’s a property of a vertex or an edge, whether it is shaded smooth or not?

Yes, to shade it smooth or hard more vertexes get added…to illustrate my point the same argument could me made for the position of the object to be a tool… it translates the positions of the vertexes… like an operation… kinda strange logic going on there. If it’s not a property but a tool… how are you supposed to know if the faces are smooth or not save for looking at the object? Sorry, I just find it strange when every other app ( and I hate saying that)… classifies it as a property of the mesh… maybe thier onto something there… :wink:

The problem with making modal interfaces as I see it is how do you group things… the programmer will group differently than the artist… :wink:

I think if the whole grouping the interface into modal settings removes functionality that was there before then it that grouping should be re-thought.

I guess blender development always me makes really excited and frustrated at the same time!! heh heh.

Nice tour. I watch them to make sure I didn’t miss anything for my book.

Your little mini-rant about people complaining about loop cut inspired me. Someone recently added a Ctrl-R loopcut, so people didn’t have to loop select, then subdivide like you showed. Well, the Ctrl-R tool didn’t have multicut. I just added that and committed it because I missed it sooooo much. Ctrl-R loop cut is now back, with mousewheel multicut! Yay modelers!

kirado – Fortunately, the artists hang out with the devs, and several devs (like myself) are also artists.

Thank you very much!

Harkyman, thanks for bringing back the multicut feature, now how hard would it be to automatically evoke the edgeslide operator after selecting the loop to cut?

Thanks for the tour! And thanks, harkyman, for the mousewheel control of loopcuts. It was horrible modeling without it.

+1 thanks harkyman, and thanks mfoxdogg for another bleeding edge tour.

Thanks harkyman, 2.5 is now usable =P

thank you all :slight_smile:

Hasn’t been made yet

It’s good that you have added loop cut, but when will the normal cut come? I’m missing it so much :eek::o

oh, lol…thanks for your efforts looking foreward to it.
-Harkyman, indeed thank you.

Zarnik - not to hijack the thread completely, but what you mean by “normal cut”? If you mean “knife,” it’s there. Hold down the K-key and LMB drag across your mesh. Nicer than before!