Blender 2.5 UDK import issue

I have created a model to use in the UDK and using blender I exported it as an .fbx file.
However when I import it into the UDK the default texture that is applied looks reversed.

I found lots of info on pre 2.5 blender into UDK but nothing on 2.5 so I am at a lose at how to fix this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

try flipping the UV map and then reimporting it…then it might put the textures on right!?

Thanks, you were close. It was flip normal’s but after I goggled what you posted it lead me to that info so thank you!

hahaha thats what i meant! You cant really flip a UV map can you??? I meant to flip the normals of your faces so the UV map would display on the inside…although good thing the computer understood me! or else you would be completely lost ahahah "D