Blender 2.5 UI goals reached?

The whole point of 2.5 is to improve the UI, and attract new people to Blender.
The question has any newbies stayed with Blender 2.5?

Wouldn’t say I’m a newbie, but using 2.5a2 is making me feel like one =(

To this point I have to add…

I haven’t moved on to any of the 2.5’s due completely to the interface…

I have been using this interface for 12+ years… and I spent 2 months
forcing myself to use 2.5 before deleting it and saying screw it… I saw no
“increase in workflow due to better arranged interface” instead I spent more
time looking for things that I thought I had already known for 12+ years…

Not being a grumpus… but honestly… I don’t see much advantage to it other than
trying to imitate other software’s interfaces… why mess with something that
has been perfectly fine for almost 15 year or more…

We all were newbie’s once and were “told” the interface was funky or had a steep learning curve… so what… we are all still here and still using it…not to mention the enormous volume on tutorials already on the net that use the old interface…

Now you throw all of us veterans under the bus by releasing a
software that completely changes the interface that we have already been
using forever… and we are newbie’s all over again looking thru menus trying to find
what we already knew…

::::::::::::::::::::::::::END OF RANT:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Just wish they would offer us an option of interfaces… I’d use 2.5
if it had the old interface…I know at some point, I will have to
use the new one…but there was nothing wrong with the old one…



I thought the reason for the re-write was to improve the underlying API? Which is coming along great.

The UI enhancements make sense to me and are not that different from 2.49. I’m not sure why you would want to go back to the UI inconsistancies that are so confusing to new users. How can you not like the fact that Blender now provides you with an automatic list of acceptable objects when it comes time to pick an object for an OB field? That is great, I no longer have to type CircleCurve.001 and hope I don’t flub up on the keyboard.

I really like the way the devs have improved the emit feature for materials. While radiosity in 2.49 did work, the new systems seems so much better and faster. Having light emitting materials in 2.5 is a big improvement that is well worth chucking your ego to the trash and jumping in and learning a new button or two. Are you such an old dog that you can not learn a new trick? Before 2.5 I was looking into all the external render systems trying to get light emitting materials in my scene. Now I don’t have to do that. While the new illumination is not “true unbiased” lighting like Lux, it is good enough for motion graphics purposes.

Recent builds, I am using 29153, have stablilized quite a bit, but I do still get crashes and do not rely on 2.5 yet. But I find when I import a 2.49 scene into 2.5 that I spend about 10-15 mintues re-arranging those horizontal layouts into the more usable vertical space that 2.5 offers.

Save 10-15 minutes of your life by deselcting ‘Load UI’ in the file browser when you open a 2.49 blend or even set this in the User Preferences / File tab so it never does.


give yourself some times to learn the new UI it’s not that bad
things have been re organis and you need to check it out to know where things are
but the most important things is that we got new tools and features which are great
much better then the old 2.X serie

can’t wait to get all the tools in after Bmesh
that will be much better then old 2.4X

evey new toy need some learning but if you know the old one it should not be that difficult to learn the 2.5 UI and new features

overall i like the new 2.5 with all the little features here and there and how easy it’s is and flexible the new scripts add ons are it’s realitively fasts give new instant update in viewport
and it’s more flexible then it’s ever been

so take a little time to learn it and have fun with 2.5

happy 2.5

I started with 2.5 a few months ago after being away from Blender for a couple of years. It took a week or so to get used to it but now I prefer 2.5. Everything seems to be grouped together in much more logical places.