Blender 2.5 UI Refactor

… Hey guys… kinda new here, but I’ve been toying with blender on and off for awhile.
I’ve been hearing about this revamp of the UI for awhile now. Anyone know what this means exactly? How customizable will the UI be? I’ve heard that there will be a reworking of windows, and events… What does that mean, practically?

This is very simple, what they are going to do is take the blender source code, a big iron hammer and some toilet paper. Then smash the code into what will be known as the Blender 2.50 .

?!? What? ?!?

I know, put in random code UI snippets and a randomizer and re-arrange the code randomly until they get something that works better then what we have:p

or just through everything into a hat and then have people randomly pick a part of the code out, have them blind folded, spun around and then they have to pin it to Tom’s back!! :evilgrin::evilgrin::ba:

Basically, it means decoupling UI events from tools, which makes customization easier/possible.

It doesn’t not mean doing away with Blender’s UI philosophy (non stackable windows, focus on move, …).


it means UI Goodness!
But allso a big coding work! :frowning: Hope Ton has lots of coffee ready…!


Thanks for the answers guys.

I guess that would mean that alot of the actual UI work would go to the community rather than developers right?

Are they taking suggestions about the UI, or is it primarily the devs doing their thing and what comes out, comes out?



… hammer… toilet paper…

When one has a blender handy? Really…

There has been so much debating (to remain polite) about the UI that I seriously doubt that there’s anything left to say. Do a search and see for yourself. If you have something truly original and meaningful why wouldn’t people listen again? Hopefully you’ll listen too in turn.


well the part of the ui that you will be seeing, in the sense of GUI will be rearranged and updated by Matt Ebb, who is an artist himself, he actually works professionally in a studio, so really, you wont probably have to worry about that, also the events recode witch will be done by Ton, will allow better customization, and make it possible to add some new(afaik mostly UI related) features, and add them more easier, so again, i don’t see anything to worry about. :slight_smile:

But would it be possible for 3DS Max users to have their lovely stacked windows with Microsoft UI with the customization features (I won’t do something like that):eyebrowlift:

yes, people worry a bit too much that there favorite user interface is going to get all messed up, but its not really that in reality at all.

Errr, no, it means especially not that (new UI drawing module and stackable windows).


Revolutionaries and conservatives are all expected. The answer lies somewhere in the middle, I guess.

I love the speed, love the OGL elements and flexibility, and yet I sustain that the workflow and the interface can be engineered to more closely reflect the 3d artist’s mental picture of the job.

Blender’s not gonna lose any features; they’re meant to be streamlined, and if anything, increased (Quasi-Monte Carlo, GLSL preview, allowing for node and render plugins, cloth, improved particles).

There’s going to be a boatload of big features coming in 2.5 so be prepared to have them dumped on you in an official release.

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Seems like this could pave the way for new user created/customized scripts to add new UI features, look and feel, etc.

Separating events from design is definitely a great idea. Maybe it could make certain parts of Blender more accessible from other languages too. Like, say, enabling one to embed a Mozilla browser for customized help and animations for new scripts, rss feeds…hehehe, and some other things I’ve seen in other software.

Come to think of it, is 2.5 the version where the new tutorial recorder is going to surface? That would be sweet… Like everything else in Blender… The Milk, baby.

From what I’ve understood the event refraction make such a feature possible, but it doesn’t nessicerly mean that it will be a part of 2.5…

Thanks for the answers guys.

Blender 2.5 sounds like a real good update. Hope it lives up to the expectations.