Blender 2.5 UV MAPPING: Frustration...

Well, the new blender 2.5 alpha 0 came out a few days ago. (YAY!) :smiley:
Very nice setup, some cool new features, and a few things that bug me.:no:
The main thing? I have noticed that the old “Draw” function in the UV/Image editor is still there, but even when you have done everything you would have in blender 2.49 to set it up, when you draw, nothing happens.:eek:
Now this is very odd, because I don’t see any changes. :confused:
If someone knows what the problem is, if you could give me some help that’d be awesome. :o
Here is a screen shot. Feel free to look at it.



For the default “Cube Scene,” you have to go into edit mode, then unwrap your cube. With all of your verticies selected, in the UV/Image editor window, click the NEW button at the bottom. After that click the enable image painting button, and then paint till your hearts contempt.

If you want to paint directly on the cube, change into the texture paint mode.

Hope this helps,

  • Jon

Here’s a video about it.

Hope it helps.

@Jpmon1 Thanks, but that’s exactly what I have done already. The reason you don’t see the nodes in the image editor is because I have already enabled painting.

@zareone Thanks, but I am looking to paint the texture, which won’t work. However, the video tutorial would be very useful (If I didn’t know how to use an image for uv texturing.)

What the… I tried again and all of a sudden, BOOM it’s working like it should.
Thanks again for the help though.

Please reply how did you do it - I cann’t save the image with vertex and edges - I have simply black image(((

I have the same problem - I whant to save picture with vertex and edges and drow on it at the photoshop my texture - but I cann’t - maybe I cann’t find where to 'save UV" - I find only save image((
help me)

The ‘Save UV Face Layout’ script in 2.49 has not been implemented in the 2.5 alpha so you cannot export the UV layout. The only way is to do something like a screen capture of the layout and edit it. Remember 2.5 is only in an alpha state so don’t expect everything you can currently do in 2.49 to yet be possible in 2.5. If you need to model in 2.5 there is nothing stopping you to do the UVs in 2.49 and then use the modelling in 2.5.


Great THanks - better to know that something don’t work than to beat at the wall by head.
I’ll make the screenshot, and will wait script at 2.5 - as I desided to lean again with the newer version.

so this is not true. you can safe your UV_layout!
go into editmode… and on the uvimageeditor “image” -> save as…


This saves the image, not the uv layout that you can take into an external paint program. In 2.49b this is saved by the UV Face Layout script.


Go to UV editing mode. Select your model or object and enter edit mode. In your UV window go to option UVs -> Export UV layout. This exports the edited UV in .svg/.eps format for external paint programs.