Blender 2.5: Where are the UV Sphere properties?

The thread title pretty much sums it up. I’ve been trying to get the segment count of my UVS down but I can’t seem to get the properties dialog to appear. Searching online hasn’t helped so I assume I’m the only one who can’t find it.

As a secondary question:
How do I reset my UI? I’ve got black lines that won’t budge all over the place!

It’s small things like this that make me give 2.49 a second look, but my pride still prevails!

Using 2.5 Alpha 0. After adding the sphere underneath the Object Tools panel there should be a panel called Add UV Sphere where you can change its properties. If it is hidden look for a + sign on the right of the 3D window. Left click and it will appear or hold while drawing upwards to size.

Thanks, that one was really starting to bother me. I only just learned how to do all this stuff a few months ago when I started with 2.49, so it gets pretty frustrating when I’m left floundering around trying to complete such a basic task.

there are many vars that have change location in 2.5 so you ahve to check out often the T and N panel to see wht’s there
but also in the right panels it is organise otherwise
so it’s complerty different then in 2,49

but it’s a new UI so you ahve to play with it
and in any case 2.5 is only a transition to 2,6
so lot’s of things will be added before 2.6
but it’s going to be a lot more powerfull and flexible then 2.49

happy 2,5