Blender 2.5, wind + particles

I have two questions.

  1. Does wind affect meshes (pushing them, dragging them). I have tried out with soft boides but I need cubes (for example) to be solid and pushed away by wind force.

  2. I tried with particle system (+explosion modifier + wind) to dissolve mesh plate but without particles to streak out. Is there way to control particles to do not pop-out instead to stay on plate until something affects them (wind for example).

Where these questions lead to?
I want to create animation where sand is blown out and beneath it is some text (logo).

Thanks in advance.

I just asked this question a week or so ago. In the end I came up with this solution.

Create a new particle system, set it’s count to 1. Then set the display type to object and type in the name of the mesh you want affected by wind (hide the original). Set all the emitter properties to 0 velocity/rotation so the mesh just sits there. Now the wind/fields can affect it.

This is a great discovery!
Atom-ic idea! ;D

it works in a way.

What i had in mind, is like putting a grid of cubes then having wind blow into it and make them move. Small cubes.

I have tried out your way. I can’t hide emitting object without hiding it’s particles. Cube is “jumpy”, cant make it just to slide over plate + it dives into plate.

I am providing my blender file to investigate, if you have will and time. (Blender 2.5 Alpha 2)

To stop the bouncing you need to increase the damping in the collision parameters for the plane. If you want could decrease the gravity in the Scene panel.

To prevent the emitter from rendering deselect it in the Render section of the Particles panel.

If you want the cube to move on the surface of your plane you need to change the cube’s origin from the centre to the bottom.

You should probably decrease the Normal Velocity setting on the emitter to zero; the wind will control the speed.

See the modified blend file.


cube_particlesrev.blend (77.9 KB)

Here is useful tut, it touches our discussion. I did not know how to control particles very well.

Did you ever figure out how to get sand to blow? Trying to do that is driving me crazy!