Blender 2.5 window state?

Just noticed that Blender 2.5 under Windows starts up with main window being stretched over all screen but not maximized. Blender 2.49 on the contrary started with maximized window all the time. Now I have to maximize it every time manually. Why’s that?

Another strange thing that I’ve noticed is that when grabbing object over some particular axis and pressing CTRL to snap to grid, it refuses to use snapping if I press CTRL just a moment after I’ve pressed axis button.
Snapping doesn’t work: G, Z, CTRL
Snapping works: G, Z, <1 second pause>, CTRL
This is quite inconvenient since I’ve got used to that combination in 2.4* versions without any halt in between keys. Looks like this is related to new blender shortcuts system.

Just want to know if this is worth submitting as a bug or this’s a new feature (second less likely) I haven’t heard about.

please use the support forums for issues like these

Just so you know, the Snap is now a toggle, i.e. pressing Control once enables, again disables.

EDIT: Information outdated. Look below.

Agent_AL, i noticed this too and i will look into it.

Just so you know.