blender 2,5 with bridge tool

Can someone tell me where I can get Blender 2.5 with the bridge tool? As well is there an included python that is self extracting? What version of Yafaray should I be using with this build? Thanks for your patience and help! Brent Kjernisted

There isn’t yet a bridge tool and no official version of yafaray. If you want these use the current stable blender 2.49b.

in mfoxxdog’s Blender tour #9 (not sure about the number) he uses the bridge tool but it has since been taken out because of lots of bugs.

You don’t need to extract the that you get with Blender for Blender to work. In fact, it won’t do anything to help you if you do unzip it. But if you want a full version of Python, you can download an installer at

the surface sketch add-on works pretty well as a bridge tool.

Bridge tool in Blender is pretty much a “make face” or F. In some apps bridge has number of segments option, then curvature, or smooth. That is if I’m not missing something about Blender 2.49.

Tyrell, you’re not missing anything, it’s just not in 2.5 at the moment (though it was briefly)

Though I find Surface Sketch an awesome tool (nice for retopo for example), I can’t see how it could easily mimic the bridge tool when it comes to connecting 2 separate edge loops.

I also miss bridge toll in Blender 2.5. It would really speed up modelling work-flow.
As well as B-mesh…
As well as good NURBS…
As well as good booleans… .
As well …

foxdogg Tour #10 around 3/4 of the video

see picture in this thread

and it was ask and added at beginning of 2.5
and it would be nice to have it back

it’s simply another tool to have in your toolbag!
if you need it you use it if not then forget about it

happy 2.5

I tried to download the bridge tool from the link at the bottom of the page but it no longer works. Is there a new link and if not could someone send me the plugin? Best Regards, Brent Kjernisted

I removed this tool to get the bug tracker count down and because Ton was unhappy with having incompleate python tools in blender he suggested they be removed.

IMHO python mesh tools are not the way forward (would rewrite this tool in BMesh, I’m not especially interested in maintain the existing one)

Looks like BMesh wont be getting merged for 2.5 so heres the script

If you’d like to see this added back to blender heres the bug to fix:

selecting two faces and bridge-ing them (ctrl alt f) creates the skin, but leaves the originally selected faces behind.
(very topologically bad!)

2.49 would remove the original faces…

Thank you ideasman! Is it okay to thank people for their effort or is it considered a waste of forum space? Thanks!

Ideasman, I’m a newbie to Blender and need to know where to put this script. Thanks!

You can install the script from the preferences window (File / User Preferences or CTRL + ALT + U). Just click on the Add-ons tab, and at the bottom click on Install Add-on. Enable it and you’ll be able to bridge two faces.

is it required to instal it
or can be run from the text editor?

i also tried to add it in the addons fodler
and i can see it inside the addons panel

but when i selected 2 faces of one object in edit mode and tried to run the Ctrl-Alt f

and nothing happened ?

anybody has tried it ?
how does it work?



When I cliked on install addon and looked on my desktop I could not find the file. Do I have to change the name of the file?

Blender should be able to find it.

Dumping the file in the add-on folder (in .blender -> scripts -> addons) works too. But you still need to enable it in the Add-ons tab in User Preferences

but when i selected 2 faces of one object in edit mode and tried to run the Ctrl-Alt f

and nothing happened ?

That shortcut doesn’t work yet, you have to assign it yourself.
But just press Ctrl+F and it should be at the bottom -> Bridge Faces

seems to work fine with he Ctrl-F


I downloaded the mesh_skin py script and saved it as mht,htm,text and the other htm. I then copied these files into my addons folder using copy and paste. I then hit ctrl f with blender running and nothing shows up. Can someone tell me where I am going wrong? Do I need to take for example mht off the end of the file name?

I have the mesh skin py script text in my addons folder. What should I do next? Inputting Ctrl+F does not bring up this option in the mesh-faces menu. I have removed all the other mesh skin py scripts from my addons folder. Thanks!