blender 2,5 with bridge tool

have you opened blender then gone to preferences(“File>User Preferences”)
and under add-ons tab enabled the add-on?

I’m never given the choice to enable this addon after I click install addon.

Yes I have gone to preferences and to addons and specifically chosen the file to addon but no enable button comes up. In fact for some reason I have a duplicate enable button for one of the other scripts. I’m going to do a reinstall.

What version of python should I install for Yafaray? Thanks!

I forgot that yafaray will not work with 2.5. alpha 2. Still cannot get the plugin to install. Even after a reinstall.

I wonder if its a problem with the revision your using,
perhaps try the latest revision(number) of blender for your OS from

I installed the latest revisin number and still no luck. When should I hit Ctrl F?

A quick demo

may be ?

don’t save the htlm page save the text inside as a py file!
then it should work ok

hope it helps


If you go to ideasman’s link to the plugin on page 1 and right click the link and save target as and click save in the next dialog box you will end up with you mesh skin py file. The problem I was having was figuring out how to save the file as this. If anyone else knows a better way please fill us in. Richard thanks for the screencast! Ricky thanks for your advice. Would you save the file as a py file in a different way? Best Regards, Brent Kjernisted

well i think you can try to copy and paste from the html page and save in py file
but it’s easier to save as from the link in ideasman post and save directly as py file!

is it working now for you ?


I’m still trying to set up a scene like richards. I’ve been able to delete the facing faces on two cubes but would like to work in wireframe mode to select the faces on both cubes. Every Time I switch objects to choose edges I go back into object mode and loose the selected edges on the last cube. Do I need to select all 8 edges for bridge to work and how do I do this.I’m a newbie to blender. Otherwise everytime I boot up blender I have to reload bridge. Thanks!

Pretty sure it will only bridge the faces on a single object.

Really just guessing though based on how all the other tools work…

you need to ahve only one object
so join the 2 object into one then it will work fine!


Richard Marklew is this your experience? In your video you were able to select the 4 edges on both cubes before you performed the bridge. Could you tell me how you did this? The steps you took to perform the bridge. When I click on bridge it says no vertloops found. What does this mean? I know I have to read the manual! Thanks!

In your video you were able to select the 4 edges on both cubes before you performed the bridge.

It’s the same object. You cannot work on the mesh of 2 separate objects on the same time.

So either start over with a new object, or join the 2 cubes by selecting both in object mode and then press Ctrl+J

Thankyou Sago and everybody else for your patience. I have a handle on things now. Best Regards, Brent Kjernisted

the script doesnt work with Beta 2.53 any more …

I also selected install add-on but the script function does not show up

there must be an API change which is affecting this behavior but not very bad
cause you don’t even see an error in console ?

hope somone can find what 's wrong with this one !