Blender 2.5

I’m sure this has been said many times but I am wondering when 2.5 is coming out. I heard it was supposed to be in November but then I read it would only be in February. Is this true? I also have other questions such as what new features will there be? When is the splash screen contest? I understand that everyone is busy with Peach but there seems to be absolutely no news or discussion about 2.5 recently Even is quiet. I would appreciate any news.

Blender 2.5 will be here - (drumroll please) - whenever it gets here.

When Its Done (LOL)

the longer it takes to get to us, the more rich in new features and improvements it will be, when it does!

Anyone know of a Windows build for the new Particles?

Do not be hasty master captainkirk :slight_smile:
If anyone would like to play with special Blender version that contain all new rather stable stuff feel free to download it here - has builds particles has been merged into trunk. Hair is working quite well some of the other features will be fixed soon. Haven’t tried them(boids, harmonics, etc) in a few days. May not be back up to speed yet but hey in the trunk. Yeah!

Yeah, It’s there! Whoopy!

You just don’t know how excited I am.

Sssssh, don’t say that too loud… we all know what happened to the Duke :ba: :wink:

yes, you are right.


@captainkirk: use the forum search option, limit the search to News & Discussion forum and type in the author field “Cyborg Dragon”. Should give you plenty of reading material about the new features.

okay, how about this:

when is expected to go ‘beta’ ?

Yeah, I meant “Be patient and don’t rush the developers as we want them to take thier time and do it right.”


“Hah-hah-hah, you’ll be lucky if your grandkids live to see this software released!”

Always bet on Duke - just don’t hold your breath for a release date!

the beta (or alpha) is already here :stuck_out_tongue: just compile the latest SVN.
btw people… it’s not 2.5 but 2.50

they’re the same thing blaize.

man I thought this was a suprise release announcement. ah well.

Yeah. I’m building a whale in the latest SVN build. It’s pretty funky.

I used to think the same thing but apparently I was wrong (in terms of Blender releases)
See this thread to see how adamant people are about it:

I think people are too impatient. I’m not saying that I’m not looking forward to 2.5, but blender is already pretty incredible and don’t forget that it’s FREE. So just enjoy the current version, sit back and blend, and when 2.5 gets here have a huge party.


it is because blender is opensource and free that people want to improve it as fast as possible, if everyone had the same attitude you do, we would still not have Jahka’s particles, fluids, etc.

Those pesky developers should release 2.50 already so we can start waiting for 2.51. Waiting is fun!