Blender 2.5


I have been using Blender 2.49 for a long time now. Today, I tried 2.5. I created a simple cube, applied one texture and I am unable to export the item into my Trainz simulator.

The error log keeps telling me that I have a faulty texture, which is a simple .tga file.

What am I doing wrong?

On that subject, whenever I use 2.49 and my model reaches a certain complixity, even 2.49 starts giving me texture errors when exporting.

What’s going on?




Are you using a python script to export out of blender to Trainz? If so any scripts written for earlier versions of blender will not work in 2.5 as the version of python has changed as well as the blender APIs. Wait for an updated version for 2.5 or stick with 2.49