Blender 2.50 material library - request for submissions

A material library will be added to Blender for 2.5 we would like to invite the community to participate in this by donating material settings. In order to facilitate this, please provide a link to a blend file with a single material in it. The naming of the material
should be in the following format.


So for example


The ‘fast/quality’ is optional.

You can also include the name of the material creator.

For submittals we would also like a render of the material applied to the appropriate test object(s) in the “Blender Material Preview Scenes” created by Robin Marín (tuqueque)

Note that as stated in the readme - you should make sure that your screen is set to a 2.2 gamma and color corrected - otherwise you might end up wondering why your amazing looking material got rejected :slight_smile:

For all submittals given that they possibly used in all sorts of works, and numerous materials will be used in a single work, the license for most of the materials will probably need to be something along the lines of public domain - thus a statement of ‘The Blender Foundation has my permission to release this material under a license of its choosing’ would be good to add.

Also if your material is derived from someone elses please let us know.

The categories are






We can also have an ‘other’ and you can suggest other categories as well, but preferably submittals should fall into one of the above.


Thanks for working on this. An internal material library will be a big help.

List of questions about new material / textures

Over time in the blender’s forum i’v collected some good mat/ texture
and i also created some new mat/text for myself which i’m ready to share


but i do have some questions about theses

" Also if your material is derived from someone elses please let us know."

if over time you got some mat/texture on the forum and
don’t remember where you got theses mat/text
and it has probably already been modified for a specific object
can theses be submitted ?
Note at the time when this mat / texture was collected or given in the forum there was no mention of Copyright or Specific licences as such so theses can be considered as free to use!

Q2 Nodes
can the new mat/ text include some stuff with Material - texture or composites nodes ?

Q3 other lib on WEB
Theses new mat/text should not be from existing library
like Blender mat repository or other lib
but what happen if you took one of theses mat and modified it so that it has a new look
using new settings

i mean it’s basically a new mat / text but derived from an existing one!
so the new mat / text may not look at all like the original one

Q4 Other specs
Can Theses new mat/text include any displacement modifier
or other modifier like subsurf or edgesplit ect… ?
i mean this represent more a modification to the mesh of the object then a pure material / texture but necessary to give the proper look for the applied mat / texture!


Date for submittal
What is the limit date for submittal of theses new mat/text


by the way where do you upload theses new files with mat/ text ?

Happy blendering

@letterrip why not grab some materials from the blender materials site, their main site went down some time ago but there is a back up, all materials there were under a CC license. The handy part was that some of the materials are rated by users so there is a quick way of telling the good from the bad.

I did a few mats for the Blender Open Material Repository. The link is here.

I don’t think you are going to want “Alien Booger” but the sandy soil was highly praised and the metals are pretty good. I authored all of them on that page (the ones by Tea Monster).

I would render it out, but I’m on a crappy loaner machine at the moment and I have trouble rendering with ray tracing without it locking up. I’ll try tonight though.

Instead of fast/quality, can’t you just give some sort of number, which is the rendertime of a basic scene with only that material, forexample a susane on a black background? And one thing more, shouldn’t there be a seperate forum for this, each posted material should have a own thread so that you can discuss the materials and refine it easier.

However, this is something really good!

That is meaningless due to the variety of computers people use.

are u meant material library will be build in with blender (embedded) ?

i see it same way , but different
i dont think its a good idea , to put material library inside blender application (emmbeded)

the best why will be easy import ,and easy preview from a URL file/directory/samba/http/ftp/nfs/etc…
this why you just have to add a material folder to the blender directory
(with blender by default configured to view that directory by relative path)
that way you can add templates easly / change / replace /upgrade /delete /rename templates easily

i think the most good things about blender
is that is light
not like other applications that they try the microsoft way
and put all things build in
then you have 1000 checkbox to handle all .

hope my sound will be heard

thank you to read my “loud” post

Debating about this feature is not what this thread is about.

i love blender as is , simple

i hope the one how have to read about this will
and will comment on my post , i will be nice to be eared and not ignored

I also “committed” few materials into this repository (
Please feel free to use all of them. If you believe it would be too much work for you to prepare them for new Blender, please check my materials in this repository, and let me know if there are some that you would like to use and I will happily prepare these selected.

This can be an expensive misjudging and is unfair in any case.

Here is my stuff :

some materials

3 wood mat
1 simple skin mat
1 magma mat

Enjoy it friends !

May be you remember my “mats” a few years ago.
If you like it, please, take all that you want :wink:

The adress:

Thanks a lot and see you soon!!!

Oscar Alvarado

Hi all,

the fast and quality is optional due to the fact that if the reviewers disagree they will recategorize it since it is rather subjective :slight_smile:


i dont think its a good idea , to put material library inside blender application (emmbeded)
This has been discussed pretty extensively already :slight_smile: The goal is to keep the increase in download size below 1MB. So we are not talking ‘massive bloat’. A material definition only takes perhaps a kb or so of data (probably less) so a 1000 of them makes a MB of uncompressed data.

Everyone, thanks for the submissions already don’t forget to add the bit about the ‘release’,


These are rather old and don’t use any of the more advanced features like material and texture nodes, but perhaps they can be of some use:

The Blender Foundation has my permission to release these materials (all five in the above link) under a license of its choosing.

Great news. :slight_smile:

Consider licensing it under CC0?

Creative commons created the CC0 project to try and apply the public domain legally as worldwide as possible, as well as making that human readable and understandable. This seems like a good use case!

Originally Posted by RickyBlender
Note at the time when this mat / texture was collected or given in the forum there was no mention of Copyright or Specific licences as such so theses can be considered as free to use!

This can be an expensive misjudging and is unfair in any case.

Copyright Law assumes that the author has full rights and use is restricted unless the author gives permission of use. I believe that the material repository was released under the Creative Commons licence, but I may be wrong. When in doubt, contact the author.

well , alright then , whare are thous discussions taking place ,i want to join :slight_smile:
well the data is small , didn’t know how much small

dose that means that the materials going to be embedded in the software ?

i still think it should be done externally , cause
when new material will come ,there is a need to update blender?

also , adding the capability of preview simply without a need to
import the blend file and then take the material …

give more options , like getting directly from material repository
and blender is open . means will come in the future more material repository site

why not keep it open ?

thanks :smiley:

Hey Shay,
Nice to see another Israeli here; anyway, your points are valid (I don’t agree but that’s besides the point), discussions take place in IRC and in mailing lists, I suggest you go over the web page here and continue from there,