blender 2.50 new icons

hey everyone!!!

alright, i read the roadmap for 2.50 and there is a redesigned icons

i personally vote the onces from here:

he has done an amasing job on these icons and they look professional, and kinda playful, and jsut fun

to mee it seems like they are the icons to chose

what do u all think?

Are there any alternatives to choose from then ? :stuck_out_tongue:
ofcourse those icons should replace the current ones, imho you didnt need to open a new topic about this, just post your thoughts in the original topic.

There is the Tango set, .

Since 2.5 is going to do major surgery anyway, it might be nice to allow for the presence of several sizes of icons so one could e.g. choose the bigger, more detailed ones in the title bars (which would have to be larger to accomodate them) or to show the bigger ones in tooltips.
Of course, this is just a brain fart and might be completely unworkable. What do I know… my coding experience is limited to 20-line QuickBasic programs…

I’ve several times tried to find an answer to how you install these icons on mac. I would really like to have the jendrzych icons i Blender.


I think one of the requirements for new vectors is that they should be vectorised - not sure though.


I don’t quite get this post. You can simply install the icons (icons folder in the .blender folder at least on windows) and use them so what is there to vote for?

why even label them the new icons for blender 2.5? Here I thought this was something that actually had to do with 2.5 rev. Pretty misleading title there! These icons came out a decent while ago, check the lower part of his post. Its just that his last couple of updates where in this month…thats all.

Vector Icons - Cool - just like the IRIX desktop then

Well, jendrzych’s icons start out as svgs (he does them in inkscape), so it shouldn’t be to hard to use those in 2.50 (assuming we are able to use zoomable icons).

I’m trying to figure it out too. I think that you have to get some source code and recompile the program with the new icon sheet. But I don’t even know how to do that. I’m not a programmer or a coder. If anyone can point us in the right direction it would be much appreciated.


I don’t know jack about OSX but on Linux I just followed the tut on Blender Newbies and created a folder called “icons” in my .blender folder in my home directory. I copied the icon file there. Open Blender, pull down the preferences panel -> Themes -> change the theme from Default to Rounded (or create your own!) -> change the “3D View” dropd own to “UI and Buttons” change the drop down below that to “Icon File” and the icon file you downloaded should show up under the dropdown that says “Built In”.

In Windows the .blender folder is in the install directory so I would check there if it doesn’t create one in your home directory in OSX.

thanks oblio! that worked just like you said. I did have to create a new .blender folder in my home directory. Love these new icons.