Blender 2.53_Beta (blend files not saving)

I installed the new version and did a small save test by moving the box and pressed (Shift + Ctrl + S key)
named the file and the file saved.
But when I loaded the Kara file I am working on and tried to save it, no matter what I do I can not modify the model and then save the file or even save it to a new folder.
Does anyone have any ideas why I cannot save this Blender 2.5 Alpha file in Blender 2.53 Beta?

I also tried this, I loaded an older Kara model I built, grabbed some vertices, pressed G key, moved them to disform the model, pressed Ctrl + S key (to save), pressed Ctrl N (reload startup file), pressed F1 (Open Blender File), loaded in the same file and nothing changed, the deformation was never saved.

I removed Blender 2.5 Alpha and I also deleted and reinstalled Blender 2.53 Beta with the same results.

what operating system? what happens when you use the file/save menu instead of the kb shortcut?

Windows 7 64-bit. (Blender 2.5 Alpha worked fine).
With Blender 2.53 beta:
When I go to File / Save; it does not save the changes I made to the model.
When I go to File / Save As / (try to save it to a New Folder); it does not save anything to the New Folder (there is not even a New File Name, the Folder is empty).

did you install as administrator ?
and you are not saving the .blend into a programfiles subfolder?

after trawling quickly through the web i have only found a couple of people with this problem… but no solution, so that’s interesting :slight_smile: but hey, as more people use it… reports will start to trickle in