Blender 2.53 Beta Edge slide?

The edge slide in 2.53 beta seems to not be working any tips or am I doing it wrong.

Ctrl+e and click on edge slide?

I wasn’t even aware of this function but if I select an edge first and then hit ctl-e I get a popup menu with a bunch of things I can do to it
I’m using a resent build, not the one from


Using the official 2.53 beta and edge slide seems to be working as expected.
Is nothing happening or are you getting unexpected results.

No nothing happens.
When I hit Crtl+e I get the menu and when I click edge slide nothing happens

does your edge happen to be connected to either a triangle or more specifically a pole of any kind?

No its not its on a body just a torso and i can’t get it to move at all

Heres a Pic

Well I found out that the line beside it works… Now I don’t know what’s wrong

Did you check for duplicated verts with remove doubles? Sometimes that or who knows. But you may have to just delete the faces and make a new edge there.

Did you check for duplicated verts with remove doubles?
You’re correct. The selected edgeloop seems to be surrounded by 2 other edgeloops, on the exact same location. Otherwise the edges perpendicular to the selected edgeloop would be gradient yellow