Blender 2.53 Beta

I tried asking for help at the site but i still havent got a solution so i am gonna try here. I got blender 2.53 beta to try out, but it crashes when it tries to open a new window. The two examples, one is trying to open the User Preference via the file menu. This is where i first encountered the crash. I can still acess the UP by changing one of the windows to UP. Also the other one is when rendering to a window, which I prefer to do, but can’t. I can only choose to do from image editor or full screen. But i would really like it if i can render to a new window, is there any fix to this? Or do i have to wait til they release 2.6 :frowning:

I think this is usually caused by bad graphics drivers, try updating them/it.

if that doesn’t work, just render to uv/image editor or fullscreen, it’s a bit different, but not that hard to get used to.

yea i am rendering at full screen. And my driver is updated, and also i dun think it would be i was saying mainly that blender 2,53 crashes when making new windows, coz it also crashes when i try to go to the UP via file menu, which also pops up a UP window, and like rendering via window, it crashes when i open the UP window.

EDIT: Idk, but i think this may be related, i just spotted it in the console:

subwindow… i could asssume something like new/pop up menus? since blender 2.5+ now uses those (ie the UP)

If you build Blender from svn, these things have been fixed. I don’t have the problems you mentioned with the builds I made today. If you don’t want to build it yourself and you are on Windows, I uploaded builds to here:

optimized to support SSE2: