Blender 2.53 Camera

How do I set my camera to my current view in the viewport ? what is the shortcut key ?

Just select View > Camera in the 3D viewport

you can also use this nice addon, see here

usefull for laptop users or when one hand is needed !

I remem ber there was Shift + 0 in blender 2.49, how about 2.53 ?

like you can be on your perspective or orthographic view , you can freely wonder around your object and the spot where you like ,you can HIT
CTRL + ALT + INS/ 0 and baam blender puts a camera right there .

numpad 0 .

You all don’t understand my question ! please try using blender 2.49 & press Shift + Numpad 0, then tell me how to do it in blender 2.53, thank you.

try using 2.53 and press the same key combination it works there too. I just tested it on r31277 build. Maybe it got broken in the newer versions who knows. You can also find this command on the 3d view menu look under view>>align view>>align active camera to view.

You should also post these kind of things in the support forum not news and discussion

Thank you very much tyrant monkey, you are the only 1 who understood my question ! How does it know which camera to use if I have more than 1 camera ?

You first need to choose which camera to use, by selecting it, then use Ctrl+0/ins on the keypad, then you can Ctrl+Alt+0/ins in the view you want the camera to be moved to…


In fact, i noticed that with ctrl + 0 , any selected object on the scene will simulate a camera position and show you the scene from that point.

Note that Ctrl-NumpadZero sets the currently selected camera (or any object) to be the Active camera. “Active” is a key concept to learn in Blender. A lot of functions and features hinge upon your understanding the concept of the Active object.

The Active object is simply the currently selected object, or the last selection in a multi-selection. For cameras, the Active camera is the camera (or object) that will be used when rendering. BTW, the camera objects have a triangular shape at the top, front area. That area is solid for the Active camera, and transparent for any other camera objects in the scene.

Nice bit of info, thanks!