Blender 2.53 GE Working?

Last I checked on blender 2.5 alpha you could not use the GE, well you could start using SOME logic bricks, but you couldn’t actually do anything to make a game, it was basically missing everything from 2.49. I just discovered the Beta is out now. Can you make games with the Beta, or should I just go download 2.49? Also, if yes, are there any tutorials on GE for 2.53? Thanks.

Yes, you can make games with the 2.53 GE. It is mostly the same as the 2.49 GE in functionality. The biggest learning difference between the two is just where everything is in the UI. You should learn to use the 2.5 series, since it is functional and bugs are not being fixed in 2.49. I do not know of any tutorials for the 2.53 GE.

There is a 3 part series on Blendercookie:

Ok, thanks. It’s good that 2.5 has it now. And since I’m beginning to learn the GE I won’t have to learn it in 2.49 only to have to re-learn it in 2.5.