Blender 2.53 HDRI

Can Blender 2.53 use HDRI IBL Maps ?

not really

with raytraced ambient occlusion and a hdri map as a world texture you can get some diffuse bounces
but not comparable to a GI HDRI IBL.

You can in a way. Use environment lighting, and make sure the source is background texture, but it is true that you won’t get GI effects (radiosity) from 2.53 that you would expect, but lighting is there and reflections and so on. I tried some tests with indirect lighting with no luck, while raytraced did a better job, but your free option would be to use Yafaray from for your GI solution. 2.53 exporter is a work in progress, but you can use it without hitch in 2.49.

Yep go with Yafaray it is a very good engine.

Is there a way to use HDRI HorizontalCross & Spherical Map in blender ? im on a Mac, is there an app for changing the cross (cube) & Spherical Map type to a more common hemispherical type or a few others.

that you can control with the mapping
sphere and panorama pictures are best.

I am not sure about the cross.

I believe the cross is an angular map.

Does it? I never used those!

blender can use hdr maps many years ago…

Angular and Lightmap type look similiar, spherical.
Spherical looks like a panorama.
Cross looks… like a cross.

Look for HDRI Shop Pro, a free app to transform maps between different formats. It is a windows program but you can run it with wine or parallels.

And yes, Blender could LOAD Hdri maps since many years, which doesn’t mean they had a relevant use.


Blender 2.53 HDRI on reading HDR images, even when they’re for example 3 x 10 bits, the pixels are always converted internally to Rgba float values. Optionally, like while displaying the image in the UV Image editor, this then gets converted to regular 32 bits for faster display.When an image has float colors, all imaging functions in Blender default to use that. This includes the Video Sequence Editor, texture mapping, background images, and the Compositor.

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