Blender 2.53 interface help

Help me! I’m too young to die! I almost had a heart attack when I saw the new interface. There’s too much crap all around! I loved the old 2.4 simple interface that was actually surprisingly clear. This new one, LET’S SMASH SHIT EVERYWHERE. Oh god I will never get used to this new interface.

So. How do remove some of these boxes that litter my screen all around? I would much prefer to start from nothing and make my own window layout.

PS. The old interface wasn’t exactly user-friendly, but you did quickly get your head around it after a bit of experimenting. Even so, A LOT of people bitched about the interface being far too hard to understand. Well, this new interface then. I have a feeling that world suicide rates will spike up as more and more people attempt to start using this new beta. It’s that bad.

While the 2.5x GUI is a significant departure from 2.4x and lower, you will want to reserve such hasty judgement until after customizing the interface. There is much to be tweaked :slight_smile: you may breath camly and feel at ease again!

while The cursor is in a 3d view, hit T to hide/unhide the Tools shelf
Same with N to hide/unhide the Properties shelf

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the rest.

go find some tutorials on the new interface, there are several around
here’s one

give it time, it will grow on you, it’s really quite nice

Only if there was a way to actually remove a box rather than making loads of duplicates of it and resizing…

Ira Krakow’s Blender 2.5 Splitting / Joining Windows Tutorial

There are plenty more 2.5 tutorial videos on Ira’s channel.

How would I edit the key configurations? Also, why can’t I find my Tool Shelf? It’s not in the “T” menu.

The tool shelf was removed in the beta. As it did not save any tools you’d put there after you closed blender it hadn’t achieved its correct functionality.

I see. Then how do I “Center New”? Also, the key configurations…

Use the Spacebar to search or use the menus on the 3dview header.
The old center function is now called ‘origin’
Use Ctrl+Alt+Space+C to set.

Really want an answer for this. I’m so used to panning with middle mouse and rotating with shift + middle.

You can edit all the keyboard shortcuts in the User Preferences.

I am well aware of the locations of the keybinds, but the menu looks nothing like that and everything is greyed out. I can open the tabs for each action to see they keybind, but I cannot edit it or click any buttons.

If the edit button doesn’t do anything you’re screwed. Have you tried a newer build.
It may not look exactly the same but it’s pretty easy to understand any minor differences surely.