Blender 2.53 ragdoll tutorial: Updated aegis3d youtube tut.

Good afternoon everybody (that ventures down here).

I like to share my first tutorial with the world.
Well actually it isn’t really my tutorial, I updated aegis3d ( ragdoll tutorial for the 2.53 beta. And added some stuff to it.

I recommend the use of the pause button, as I didn’t narrate anything. Just follow a long and pause when needed :slight_smile:

I think people interested in blender and ragdolls have probably seen the original version, but for those that just start out, or want to create ragdolls with 2.53 this might be usefull.
original vid of aegis3d can be found here:

I hope the quality of the vid is good enough, for some reason corel videostudie screws with the quality and I don’t know how to get it right.

Any comments, questions and critiques are welcome, if there are some horrible mistakes in the vid, I’ll create a second version :slight_smile: