Blender 2.53

I don’t know where to post it…

Blender 2.53 is very nice, but I met few problems:

1.When I add brush, in modes: vertex paint, texture paint, weight paint and sculpting mode, there is an icon showing which brush you use and which you can change in tool shelf, in appearance tab. Everything is good until I try to add more brushes, the brush duplicates its data, so I recieve ex. Brush and Brush.001. I can change its type of tool, but when I change icon(in Brush.001), it selects also as icon of Brush.

2.Also about brushes. Different mode brushes with same name share brush icons(maybe data too–didn’t check).

3.There’s nice module, Dynamic Spacebar Menu. In BF projects bug tracker it is a reported bug, but I see no results nor fixes.

Anyone’ll help?