Blender 2.54 Alpha Downgrading

Ok before you get onto me or troll me about everyone knowing that the new blender version is currently not supporting you to edit the multi res mesh of your objects, I want to be able to edit push and pull them manually so I can get my more unified for uv work, as well for other things. And this doesn’t just effect that one modifier.

To solve this I decided to downgrade to a more, older 2.5 series only to find that after using 2.54 once all the other versions have been effected. I could downgrade to 2.49b but the problem is that the gui for that program only spazzes on my screen and just looks glitchy.

Can anyone tell me how to downgrade to a older 2.5 so I can edit my modifiers as I model. And thanks in advance.

why do my post go ignored…

To downgrade, download an older version of 2.5beta, install, run.