blender 2.54 nla inconsistency

Hi all,
I am developing a very amatuer short movie for a school project, and when i scrub through my animation in the nla editor, it changes each time. PLEASE help :frowning:

I’d really have to see a file to see what exactly you’ve done to tell what’s the exact cause.

The most common cause is that you’re using NLA strips that have been scaled by ridiculous amounts - anything over 10 to 100 times is suspect. This often occurred in the old NLA system due to some of its hacks, and it may be possible to still get those errors if strictly trying to use the new NLA system in the same old ways (namely, add action as a strip, then try animating more/another chunk in that strip).

The blend is 17mb, so i cannot upload it :frowning: I did some resizing, but not near 10-100 times…