Blender 2.54 Save Material

Hi is there a way to save material I created, so that I can use the material in a different blender project ?

Add the material to the default cube. Delete all objects, in the material settings set the material to have a ‘fake user’ (the F button). Save the blend file. Your blend file with then only just contain a material. You can do this with mutiple materials in a single blend to give a material library blend file.

Could use a blend file as a materials library and then append the ones you want to your actual project, from that library.

But then my blend file in no time will become too large & I cant even group those materials.

How about making a file for each group?.. I think an assets manager is planned, but for the moment there is just this kind of workaround. Don’t know if there is any script for this.

EDIT: or, making an object for each group, and assign all the materials of each group to a different object.

If you are packing image files in materials.Blend file may grow, otherwise it will not be a headache

for grouping, IMHO use clever Naming conventions, so that you can find things quickly

material data is very very small.

can we copy all material groups(6 material groups) on an object.

for example i have a car saved with the materials. so if i open the same car in a new project can i now load all 6 materials on the car?


this thread was posted long ago.
Anyone know if there still no direct simple function to save just a material in a file?

There’s currently no specific file-format for saving materials to.

However, having a large library of materials in a .blend file to append from is as simple as assigning as many materials as needed to the default cube (the limit for the number of material indices per-object is over 30000 in 2.59 compared to 16 in 2.49)

There’s currently no specific file-format for saving materials to.

That’s what we call “friendly” “advanced” UI.
I have a list of these “friendly” details if you’re interested.
If anybody is interested here.

You mean like… A list of release logs changes that made blender friendlier?

Ofcourse i am interested.

I was just about tosay it’s good thing he said that thing about 2.59 change in the material limit. It is something i want to know.
So thank you.

If that’s what you meant by all means share