Blender 2.54 - "Shaders Not Found!"

I hope someone is able to help me out with this. Whenever I go to use the game engine, the main Blender window becomes somewhat unresponsive. I can’t click anywhere in the window, but I can click on the minimize, maximize and close buttons on the window. The little command prompt window says “Shaders Not Found!”

What is the cause of this error? Is there any way of fixing it?

Either your graphics device doesn’t support shaders or you don’t have up to date drivers for your graphics card. What graphics card do you use? You may want to switch from GLSL to Multitexture rendering if you don’t have a suitable graphics device. Press N over the 3D View to view Properties panel, in there find Display, this is where you can switch between GLSL and Multitexture.

I’ve tried all the Multitexture, GLSL and texture face, and none of them seem to work. I have a “Mobile Intel® 943GML Express Chipset with integrated 3D graphics”, with 1.5GB RAM.

Your card should support shader 3.0. Blender use OpenGL for visualisation. The Microsoft Windows driver only supports DirecX. So you have to install the latest Intel driver for your card to enable OpenGL support.