Blender 2.55 Beta coming...

I got severely bagged out a couple of years ago for doing this but I don’t learn so… :rolleyes:

Just spotted builds for Blender 2.55 Beta in the download repository!

I’m not going to put a URL here so there’s not a big rush before the official announcement - but you heard it here first!

yeah the dir seems to be there but the link to download is broken well for the 32bit a least…

You can build 2.55.0 beta from SVN trunk.

It may take a while to set up everthing to build blender from source but, once you get it to work, you will always have the newest version.

In GNU/Linux, it’s actually quite easy and straightforward to buid with Scons. Give it a try!

I noticed that Blender 2.54 is lagging a bit in Windows 7. I installed 32bit even though the OS is 64 bit. I don’t think that would make much difference. Any chance this might have been fixed (or is it even a bug or just my pc?) in 2.55?

Same here.
Windows 7 pro 64bit and blender 32bit.
This is especialy in sculpt mode with over 700000 polys.
The smooth brush looks like doesn’t smooths anything.

I just got 2.55 off of, the link on the site has been broken for me for the last 12 hours or so.

You can download it from the NL1 Mirror on the Download page-

looks like its live now

I had to use the following link to get the 2.55 beta files.

No scripts in for linux 64bits.

well if your like me an “Artist” you can’t do that sort of thing yourself so im going to opt for letting the Blender Foundation and their dev’s do it. :wink:

Curious to see what was new, i loaded that 2.55 from one of the mirror.

Launched this Blender, set my user preferences with
Interface : Smooth View = 0
File : Load UI unticked
System : Sound to None, VBO ticked and Window Draw to Full
And Save as Default.

Wanting to see how one of my recent 2.49b work would look,
File -> Open a low poly model i have rigged in 2.49b and … crash “Blender.exe has caused an error…”

Hmm, maybe that’s the .2.49b armature that Blender 2.55 can’t read at all, so i thought.

Relaunched Blender 2.55, File -> Append -> UI browsed to my 2.49b .blend, -> Object -> Selected my model name and it loaded the model only.
No problem, the model appeared as intended, so it was that Blender 2.55 can’t read 2.49b armature, a compatibility problem.

I thought, let’s try to build a very simple rig to see how the heat bones work in there in comparison to the working ones 2.49b.
I click Add -> Armature -> Single Bone (wasn’t there more choice in term of armature in previous 2.5x version ?)

… crash “Blender.exe has caused an error…”
Seems like there is a problem with armature that was not existing in previous 2.5x as i remember toying with some of the new kind of armature available (and that for some reason have disappeared from 2.55 Add-> Armature menu)

Oh, and the antialiased font is always a strain for my eyes too.
Anyways, back to 2.49b

EDIT : apparently it is VBO that create this crash, if i untick VBO no crash when loading the 2.49b armature or add a “single bone”

^ Rigify was removed from Blender 2.55 as it was starting to conflict with the new version of Rigify, which is added as an addon.


strange dude i cant see rigify as an addon.

Any release notes anywhere?

It’s Official!

Blender News Link here!

a bit disappointed, it crashed while doing simple box modelling (at the very early stage, just a few polygons) also shift+alt+left mouse (which is to emulate pan camera) isn’t working very well sometime while all these worked perfectly back in 2.54; and strangely, while run at the first time alt+ctrl+u didn’t work until you start it again, think i will be better off going back to 2.54:(


Blender 2.46 is still a gazillon times faster than this version. Especially the Fly Mode (super slow 2.54 already) has become worse. For now, I won’t be making the move.

OSX 10.4.11

Marco :slight_smile:

What’s the deal with indirect lighting? Is it possible to turn it on from somewhere?