Blender 2.55 Book Help...


Just a Quick question really - I spent some time away from blender, and have forgotten a few bits and pieces. I’m due to go away with work for three or more months with work, where we won’t have internet (or at least extremely limited internet…20mb a Day sort of Limits :eek:).

I downloaded the 2010 Blender Training Series (even though I don’t actually like Character Modelling), and loved it. I am planning on taking it with me to keep me entertained and go through the basics again.

So, on to my Question. I’m after a book, which teaches 2.55, from basics (I don’t mind having to go through them again…I might learn something new) up to making a short Animation…Hopefully such a book exists. I’ve bought two Blender books in the past (Blender for Dummies and Essential Blender), and they were both outdated almost instantly, so have decided to stay with 2.55, and find a book that goes with it!

So, does such a book exist? I was hoping for a StandAlone book (I.E one that doesn’t need access to the internet for bits and pieces)…Please…Help!!

there are roumors of a 2.5 dvd coming from the blender foundation :wink:

For what it’s worth, the updated, 2nd edition of Blender For Dummies is available now and it’s been updated to cover the new interface of the 2.5 series.

</shameless_plug> :wink:

I would advise against continuing with 2.55…download 2.57b NOW and it should stay fairly well dated until you get back.

With books, I am with Fweeb (as blatant as the plugging is…) get the second edition of Blender for Dummies. I need to order some mroe for now anyway, probably should get on to that soon…

The New Blender for Dummies book was top of my list actually (The First Edition was a good read, just outdated when I got it!), so, thanks for the advice…and the blatant plug worked I guess hehe

Although, news of a Blender Foundation DvD is good, might have to have a look at that too! Cheers Everyone!

Quick Question reference the 2nd Edition of the “Blender for Dummies” book…

When was it published? Amazon says 6th of May, but book depository says 22nd of May? Any Help?

Believe Amazon in this case. I know some people who have already gotten their copies.

I tried to order through Amazon, and even with “next day delivery”, the forecast date was the 24th of May…I guess I’ll wait for a few weeks hehe

Well, I’ve ordered it off Amazon, and with my confirmation email said it was arriving Friday…so fingers crossed! Thanks Guys :wink:

For Amazon UK the dates have moved a couple of times.
Latest is 18th May on my doorstep.

I ordered it last wednesday, and it arrived on Friday, so no worries here!