Blender 2.55 exporter template

Such thing could be useful. I am beginner who tries to write exporter script by my own. Learning is difficult. Any tips how to navigate better in Blender 2.55 API (and 2.49) reference? There was good tutorial how to write exporter for 2.49 in WikiBooks, but 2.55 is different. I have hard time figuring out how to make anything useful out of these references. So far I have (key parts are from 2.55 OBJ exporter script):

import bpy
def MyMesh():
    ob = bpy.context.active_object # Get active object from scene
    me =
    print ('New run')
    me_verts = me.vertices[:]
    # Vert
    for v in me_verts:
        print('v %.6f %.6f %.6f
' % tuple(

Any tips how to find things from API and how to learn syntax? I mostly do not know when I can add module after my variable.


I can’t add URL link, so sad. Odd restriction.

EDIT2: With script snippet I can ask question:

mesh =["Cube"]
for v in mesh.vertices:

In 2.49 API there is class Mesh, inside it has ‘instanse variables’ verts. Blender 2.55 works with mesh.vertices. Is it example how things have been changed in 2.55?

If you look in the Text Editor in Blender 2.5x, under the “Text” menu, you will see a “Script Templates” submenu. Selecting one of these creates a new text object containing the specified sample script. In particular there is one called “Operator Export”. You could use this as a starting point. I see that it calls the append method of bpy.types.INFO_MT_file_export, which is not currently mentioned in the 2.5x API documentation.

Thanks for good suggestion. Learning something new takes time. I have come to conclusion that first I have to master Python to navigate freely in Blender Python. I will start to learn from others code examples and from various tutorials around the Internet.
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