Blender 2.56 and Voodoo not working?

Recently, I started using Voodoo with Blender. My first test went perfectly fine; the object was tracked excellently and I had no problems at all.


However, ever since I created that test, I have not been able to track anything propertly; the scenes that I track just end up with objects that randomly move around the frame for no clear reason.

I have tried tracking points with contrast, I have tried the same scene as before, I have tried using tripod camera movement, and more; to no avail. I do not understand why this is not working; I need motion tracking for a gigantic upcoming project that I need to work on; can anyone help me?

I was able to fix this issue by speeding the render sequence up, as the video was shot at 60 FPS; while the first test was 30 FPS. Either that, or I fixed that and later forgot. The latter is actually possible.