Blender 2.56 changing preferences

hey guys
just downloaded Blender 2.56, and WOW. the user interface is WAY different than blender 2.49! I’m going to have to completely relearn it. I hope it’s worth it. Anyways, it blender 2.49 i had it so middles mouse button moves your view from side to side and up and down, and shift middle mouse button was the move all around and rotate in 3D space. In Blender 2.56 its opposite. How can i change this? I can’t find it in the user preferences


nevermind guys,
i found it
It’s under
*3D View

  • 3D View Global

Welcome to 2.5 :slight_smile: Took you long enough!! :wink:
Well in my opinion, 2.49 isn’t even an option any, I’m just so used to the nicer interface with everything in a more logical place with less nested toolbars and strange categories… In due time you will probably realize that it was a mistake to hold out so long in switching to 2.5 :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure it might take a project or two to get used to, you might lose a hotkey or ten, but that’s what we’re here for! It’s much more customizable and definitely more user friendly, oh and you can animate all the sliders too :stuck_out_tongue: - I can’t wait for 2.57 to be released :smiley:

honestly i didn’t even know about 2.5 till about 2-3 days ago… haha
I was watching a tutorial, and saw the layout, and was like, how the F did he get it too look like that. Then i read the description and it said blender 2.5… so i checked, and i had 2.49, so i downloaded 2.56, haha
I’m going to do several small test projects with this version just so i can learn it…