Blender 2.56 Hair Dynamics - Not with rigged characters?

Hello, I’ve finally got myself into a rigged, animated character but I want some actual hair on its head. Now, I just want stiff hair, it won’t move much, but should at least be attached to the head.

Can someone help me here? When I try and bake some normal hair on a moving head, it droops down, and even acts completely wild if I move the character too much. If I set the hair to be stiff or have too little mass or too much “air” - It doesn’t move at all, not even with the armature’s poses. Otherwise, it doesn’t move to my liking or too much.

Is there a way I can just have a styled/combed hairdo on a character that moves with him, but doesn’t move itself? (doesn’t fall or fly around)

Did you set hair weights?

Yes - In fact I even tried changing them around to see if anything would be different. Setting them too high throughout the strand makes the entire body of hair not move at all. Setting them at a default of just the roots at a high weight does just what I don’t really want - Really sensitive, quickly moving hair.

it took my now two days, until i found this little thought for my polarbear.
it was the same problem: no walking fur… so here is maybe the same solving:
go to the modifiers of your rigged and haired body and then put the armature over the particlesystem.

I have been trying to figure that out for some time myself. I must thank you because that was something that never crossed my mind. I knew about the importance of the hierarchy but it just didn’t hit me. I am on a deadline and that really helped thanx! I ran into this problem in the past as well and I changed things around until I got it working but I never knew what I changed to fix it until now.

I´m not too much nooby and i know that order in modifair can change everything, but i was out of mind in this problem…thank you a lot :yes: