blender 2.56 VSE

does anybody know what settings to render video with sound with blender 2.56 VSE. I want to render an MPEG. what type of encoding and audio codec do i need. ffmpeg does not show up as an option.

Well, many presets in Blender actually use ffmpeg for the conversion but they just don’t say so. I haven’t had good luck with presets in Blender. Maybe one day I’ll make a nice preset. For now, here’s the ffmpeg command I use in the terminal to get my videos into MPEG format and ready for DVD. If you look at Blender’s python scripts, you’ll find one in there that has all the presets. Perhaps you can use the bash script below as a starting point.

# make a new directory to store converted files
mkdir dvdready
# search current directory for files ending in .mpg
# then convert them all so they're NTSC DVD compliant
# if you want PAL DVD, just change ntsc-dvd to pal-dvd
for i in *.mpg
ffmpeg -i $i -target dvd -acodec copy -deinterlace dvdready/$i

do i save this as a python script, then import it as an addon??

If you are under Linux, it’s a bash script, just execute it in the directory containing your mpeg files.

If you are under Windows, you have to rewrite it and you’ll need to install ffmpeg (possible but more painful).

yikes. thanks