Blender 2.57 and X3D export

Hello all,
I’m exporting my scene to x3d format using the export addon but I get a lot of erroneous rendering when I try to view it in x3d browser. Some rooms look ok but others are totally messed up. Everything is lighted up and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any gaps in the geometry. URLs below:

  • Ok room (although the panel with the controls on the wall is not ok)

Strange thing is that almost everything is duplicated from the ok looking rooms…I tried getting rid of the materials but still no luck.

I’m using Blender 2.57 and Xj3D Version: 2-0_RC1. I’m attaching the blend file. I would be really grateful if anyone could take a look.


More links

(Limited number of urls? really?)

It is great and I have download some useful stuff! I do like your share! Thanks for sharing!

Sorry, forgot attachment… it’s up there now

I’m shamelessly bumping my thread as I have come to the conclusion that X3D export at blender 2.57 is at best buggy.

  • Exporting Duplicate Linked objects (proper use of USE statement in X3d) doesn’t work
  • Latest builds produce an “Unknown field name: creaseAngle for node X” error in Xj3D (using toruses in my scene)
  • Some faulty lighting that I haven’t figured out if Blender’s to blame or Xj3D
  • Mirrored objects are exported with a lot of problems

Is anyone maintaining that code so I can tell him/her?