Blender 2.57 Bezier Handle Anomaly

Dear Gurus:
I finally decided to “cut my teeth” on the Blender 2.5 after 2.57 has been released as a stable version. While going through my “shakedown cruise”, I tried to switch my Bezier handle modes by selected “H” as I do in 2.49. But my handles would disappear as if Hide was selected instead. Anyone else has this issue? Please try this with the 2.57 version before replying. Thanks everyone in advance.

In the Graph Editor “V” allows you to change handle type. I have a render going right now, so I can’t check with Bezier curve handles, but I’m pretty sure that “H” in edit mode in the 3D view hides vertices. So it depends on the context of what you’re referring to.

Just look in the graph editor menus. There it shows the key commands for each operation. The handle type is changed with V. In OSX Ctrl+H shows/hides all handles (may be different key combo in Win/Linux)

Thanks you both for responding so quickly. I was going through Ira Krakow’s tutorials and he said to use “H”. Guess he used the same soundtracks from his previous 2.49 tutorials. I sure am going to miss the the one press of a hot key function to change from vectored handles back to normal handles.