blender 2.57 crashing for no reason

ok for some reason blender 2.57 will sometimes just randomly stop and then my computer says that my graphics driver has crashed and recovered. then if i go back to blender 2.57 it will just keep doing the same thing (this happens when i’m rotating around the view or zooming in and out). sometimes it won’t crash again but instead i can’t zoom no matter what. i havn’t had any of these problems with the 2.5 beta versions, but ever since blender 2.57a and 2.57b it does this crazy stuff.

it seems to do this more when i have a higher poly model, but sometimes it does it with just a cube.

I’m having similar random crashes but it’s when I do things like “duplicate are into new window” or opening a .blend which I recently worked on. I tried resetting factory settings but still happening. Very strange. I’m going to roll back my windows update and see if that changes things.

Rolling back my update seemed to do the trick. Have no idea what the problem was.