Blender 2.57 on RHEL5 (older glibc)

Hi all!

I’m new in the forum so please forgive me if a thread on the topic already exists and I missed it… I had no luck with the search function.

I decided (finally) to invest some time in learning blender to do some rendering and decided to start directly on v2.57 since it’s marked as stable release.

However, I cannot find a binary distribution for Red Hat EL 5 system, since the available download is compiled with glibc 2.7 (EL5 has 2.3 as far as I remember).

Upgrading the system is no option since I don’t have admin control on that… I started also building blender myself, but there’s a bunch of libraries I need to compile first and that turns out to be an endless process.

Does anybody know of a binary distribution compiled with an older glibc? Working on the laptop when I could have plenty of CPUs and RAM on the workstation is driving me crazy…

Thanks in advance!