[Blender 2.57] Recreate a urban lamp

I’m new on the forum and I just started in Blender.Donc I need advice and guidance, that is why I publish my humble work.
As the title suggests this is a lamp that I modeled with a reference design found on google image.

To achieve this modeling I use Bezier curves that I extruded, rotate and resize with ALT + S.

Tell me what you think. Knowing that I’m not going to stop modeling, but recreates, materials and lighting of the scene.


And of course the small. Blend that goes with it:


Thank you in advance!

Very nice.

Maybe pay bit more attention to the right side small curve in case your going closer to reference image. The curve is now bit too high up and look bit “heavy” compared to other curves on model. :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

Hope to see render of the same feeling as in reference image. :slight_smile: