Blender 2.57 Scene composit in Nuke

Hi Guys
Do you guys know how i can do export the cameradata in a file who is readeble in Nuke?
it would be great to know that for mi currient project.


I have written a Channel (.chan) importer/exporter:

The only reason I haven’t posted it in the script-forum yet, is because for it to work it Blender needs to be patched with this patch:

This was committed to the Tomato branch (camera tracking), but unfortunately I just noticed today that Sergey has made some changes, so now Blender can’t handle vertical field of view anymore. This was needed by the Channel script (and FBX export). Hopefully he will put it back!

Hi San
Thanks a lot for replay. I tryd onetime with this Tomato Brach. But blender gives me some error replays.

Im not that experienced in py-Scripting so i dont know whats wrong. Maybe you have a Idea wats the reason is.

Hi again,

As I wrote before, the guy responsible for the Tomato branch (Sergey) changed some things in the original patch, so the script I made don’t work anymore… specifically the vertical FOV (“angle_y”) is important, and that is removed now.

I will write a mail to the mailing-list and explain the importance of “angle_y” (again…).

ah okay …sorry about that. I thought that the script working and gives me a n Animation of the motiontrack but with the wrong FOV.
But in this Case i hope Sergey be able to fix that soon. It would be very nice to have the data in Nuke. I composit with Fusion before and the workflow was realy good. Thank you so much for you explanation.

Hey, I’m sorry too. The scripts in Blender are pretty delicate, so if one thing is broken nothing works.

I wrote on the VFX mailinglist here:
It is hard to say what is going to happen… it seems like Sergey wants to change things that don’t need to / can’t be changed (either the setting is there, or it is not).

Did you have a workflow between Blender and Fusion?

Hi San
Sorry for mi delayed replay, i hade some Projekts to do ther needs mi full attention. I use the .fbx workflow for Fusion.