Blender 2.57 Scripts Bundle r36887 +

I’ve started releasing a Bundle or Scripts Pack of WORKING scripts.
You can get all the information here:
more scripts are welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Downloading now:)

Exellent initiative!

Dear Meta Androcto
Would it be too much bother to post a 32 bit version for those that are running 32 bit OS?

32 or 64 bit doesn’t apply & you can use the bundle cross platform except the Assimp plugin. :slight_smile:

Dear Meta Androcto I downloaded the 2.57 64 bit bundle, extracted and tried to launch the blender.exe. I get an error that says this is not a valid 32 bit executable. Could you help? My OS is Win XP Prof SP3 32 bit.

Looks like you’re trying to run a 64bit application on a 32bit operating system, you can’t. You need a 32bit version of blender and then use these scripts with that.