Blender 2.57 splash contest

Hi all,
after nearly 2 years of extensive development we are close to release the first official stable Blender 2.5!
For the Alpha and Beta releases we used the great images from the Sintel project, but for the final release it’s up to you now! :eyebrowlift:

The Deadline for sending in images is:
Sunday March 27h, 1500 UTC (1600 Amsterdam Time)

Here’s the template:

Please post the final image here as .png file


  • it has to be made entirely in Blender (image textures created in Gimp/Photoshop can be used)
    * keep the title area free, make your picture fit in the given space below

    • don’t use the blender logo
  • don’t use other logos either

    • don’t use suzanne
    • you can use old works, or make completely new ones
    • you can participate with more than one image, but,
    • do not make millions of variations of the same idea,
    • just make a good one
    • it has to look awesome
    • post your works on this thread

    * keep the thread clean, post entries and questions about the competition only


The Jury (nazg-gul, phonybone and DingTo) will pick the best/most interesting image then. :slight_smile:

my first image for this contest is this.

“it has to look awesome”

that’s where I always fail… :stuck_out_tongue:

and while we’re at it, there’s also a splash screen contest for the upcoming Luxrender 0.8 (which now includes scattering media for various effects, including SSS):

it runs until end of March, so, who knows, perhaps if you win this one you can rework the materials and lighting to win there too? :wink:

Povray 3.7 is also in beta RC3, so eventually may come up with something similar. What about the yafaray guys?

Ok, Let’s start! I post them with black background so they look better :wink: But links for transparent ones are available

My first one, Im dying!!

Link to the transparent PNG for contest

Second, Father give me legs T_T

Link to the transparent PNG for contest

Third, Hexa :smiley:

Link to the transparent PNG for contest

All are Blender Internal and i don’t now if our real name are needed so… I’m Moises Salvador

Only BI renderer can be used, right?

Really like the image with the robot. Awesome job.
oh, and, please increase the samples drastically on the hex image :smiley: The noise is to obvious. I don’t want to see noise on the splash image :wink:

Yes, only Blender internal.

Were we supposed to put the blender logo at the top?

Just add an image in the area below the alpha channel header. Therefore we provide the template to you. wo262 did it right! :slight_smile:

Your picture looks more like a “Tried to do realistic” then “tried to avoid realistic”.

Hmmmmm…i think i have something just for this coming up…it was already a WIP but whatever XD


Any chance you can set a tutorial up for that image you posted? :stuck_out_tongue:
I would love to make that image an animated one in Blender with a more futuristic look if you’ll allow me :smiley:

Yep, but I really love some noise, I don’t know why

BTW i love that hex image…it kinda reminds me of how i made my Avatar <over there< Because i just used Hexagons and it ended up awsome (the original is 4000x4000 pixels…thats 4 hours of rendering i’ll never get back…)

I like that noise, it makes it look unrealistic and interesting!

uufff 4 hours

Yes…4 hours…considering that everything in the scene had full ray reflections…and again, 4000x4000 on a shitty laptop

My try:

New Version, excluding the background. In fact it is not only the head of a guitar, but the whole thing, but it hast too much detail to show it in 500x280pix.


My entry, I have a few more images, plus a short animation I’m working on which I’ll submit some stills from once finished.

Here is a quick little test for now;

Can we vote? If so my first choice would be the unicorn and the my second choice would be the hexagon one with some render settings changed :).