Blender 2.57 stride path ???

Now that the stable version of Blender 2.5 is out I’ve decided to switch. As is expected a lot of what I was used to, has changed.

The stride bone and stride path I used in older files (2.49a) seem to work in 2.5, although I cant find the options for stride bones in the NLA editor or in bones anymore.

Am I missing something? Or has the “stride bone” been reworked into something else?

If anybody can give me a link to tutorials for the new NLA editor and getting characters to walk on a curve that would be great.

If you’re referring to Offset bone as Stride, I am looking for the an answer for quite sometime now but any help.

Here is the thread:, where I posted the similar question without a single reply. Are we missing the ‘real’ pros at Support section?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Yes I was referring to the offset bone.

I have been taking a look at some other old files of mine and I think the whole concept of a stride bone has been dropped, but i’m not a 100% sure. I opened a character animation made in 2.49a in 2.57 of a character along a path with a stride(offset) bone, then I deleted the offset bone from the armature and saw no change in the animation. I also noticed that the walk cycles I made in 2.49a that were seamless and worked well without “skating” now in 2.57 seem to skate more. This was not the case with the stride bone in 2.49a.

If the stride/offset bone has indeed been dropped in 2.57 i’d like someone (developer or artist) to confirm it so I can stop looking for it. And better yet propose a better alternative aproach.

The stride bone is not in the 2.5 series.

So, what’s the workaround now? I do not see any mention on the blender wiki either. There must be some alternative and more intuitive way of doing this very same thing. If anyone knows how this works now, please share the trick. Thanks in advance.

Aligorith wrote a blog post about this just a couple days ago. That should help clear things up.

From Aligorith blog

All Walkcycle-Related Tools
Currently, all of the tools related to providing some kind of path-control automation over walkcycles has been removed. By the end of the 2.4x series, Blender had accumulated too many different methods of achieving this in its source code. It was not clear which ones were working still, or which ones worked well to begin with. Furthermore, some of the older methods at least relied on certain specific rigging hacks to be present in order for them to work.

Hence, all of these have been removed until further notice and investigation into whether such tools are actually warranted as part of the core, or better suited as addons which could be tailored to suit house-styles so to speak. Anyways, all of these matters are the subject of a draft post I haven’t gotten around to posting yet (much like this article).

I gues we’ll have to wait for it to return then :frowning:

I really miss a way to make walk cycles, not so much for main characters maybe, but in order for bringing to life a city or town step by step animation for every character isn’t possible :frowning:

Anyone knows if there a way to “bake” the offset bone + curve method? =D