Blender 2.57 User Preference

I get a black screen when I try to acess this menu, How to fix it ?

If i had this prob on a windows PC I would try an uninstall, clean the registry reinstall and check video drivers but you might have done this all ready?

same hare, “user preferences worked” in 2.56, on 2.57 its black, it’s working, when im clicking randomly, im changing some options, but i only see it black. I think that reason is that i have intel graphic card in work laptop. I’m predicting that when i check on my stationary computer at home where i have ati graphic card it will be working fine.

Intel video card is likely the culprit here. There was a recent commit related to this, but I think it was before 2.57 was released. So if you’re still having the issue, perhaps there’s something else squirrelly going on here.

in Blender-2.5x there are
methods to call the user-preferences.
One opens a new window
and one opens the user-preferences in the current (normal 3Dview) window.

The menu-entry from the top-bar-menu opens a new window and is know to crash
with some hardware, some settings …
The menu-entry at the lower window-selection-box (where to select: 3dview, compositor, python, text-editor and so on … there is user-preferences too)
opens the preverences menu inside the current window.

check the differences …

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I am having a problem with it too, except it shuts down blender when I click on it from the “File” menu. I have an intel graphics in my laptop as well. I didn’t have a problem with the earlier versions.


always include hardware information with your reports; in this case especially your graphics card (intel is not enough).

My graphics card is Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD that is built into my Dell Laptop. It is a 64-bit system, i5 cpu. I was able to open the User Preferences by changing the 3D window to it.


Wow, accesing user preferences by 3d view window works for me :eyebrowlift:, and my graphic card is “Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset Family”

I have the same problem as some of you. It crashes when i try to open the user preferences. I have an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD on my laptop that i use at my workplace.

What i don’t understand is what you mean by accessing the user preferences in the 3d view window. How is it done exactly?
This should tell You everything :slight_smile:

Thanks! That worked great!

Thanks! That works great! for me too.

I updated my video driver to latest version and that seems to have solved the problem. I can open the user preferences without crashing. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.


Worked for me, thanks very much!

thank you best and easy solution is working for me